Exterior Application: Log Homes

PenofinContractors and log home owners praise Penofin for the way it keeps their log homes' good looks and for its protection— for years.
Penofin Ultra Premium Red Label
Ultra Premium Red Label Penofin
  • Tough Brazillian Rosewood Oil base locks out moisture, yet allows the wood to breathe
  • No surface film to trap moisture, blister , crack or peel
  • Natural oil base...not polyurethane, easy to maintain
  • 99% UV protection to guard against fading
Penofin Verde
Penofin Verde
  • Premium Oil Base
  • Odorless
  • Non-Toxic
  • Perfect for interior applications
  • Easy Soap and water clean up
Penofin Log On
Penofin Log On® Wood Stain
  • Wood stain for timber frame and log homes
  • Added protection
  • Sustainably harvested Brazilian Rosewood Oil
  • Three tones
Blue Label Penofin
Premium Blue Label Penofin
  • The "work horse" of the Penofin wood stain product line
  • 90% ultraviolet protection from transoxide pigments virtually eliminates fading due to sunlight
  • Brazilian Rosewood Oil that deeply penetrates to protect against moisture